Mathificent was designed by Nat Dunn, president of Webucator, a global training company, in 2012.

This app truly is an interactive and engaging learning tool for kids 4-12 years old. Kids enjoy learning all about math, while parents and teachers get to check in on their progress!

I call this tool an app-etizer. We believe kids take pride in learning and Mathificent is designed to reward them for their progress. When they ask to play some fun Zombie shoot-em-up game, I say “Sure, but first you have to unlock the next number in Mathificent.” My six-year-old now can rattle out the answers to relatively difficult problems like 18 x 17. And I can easily check how much progress he’s made by looking at the app when he’s “logged in” as the user!- Nat Dunn

This will definitely help you and your kids or students master basic math skills with just a little practice every day! Choose the numbers and operation (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division) that you want to work on and see how many problems you can answer in 60 seconds. Master each number to unlock the next level. You’ll like the game and love the results!

Key Benefits:

  • Simple Interface. Kids can start using without parental help.
  • Progressive Learning. Kids move on to incrementally higher numbers after succeeding with the lower numbers.
  • Progress Tracking. Kids, parents and teachers can all track results through the Records screen.
  • Multi-user. Many kids can work on the same device. The app keeps track of them by name.

About Us

This app was developed by Webucator, a global training company.

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